HackUNT is the University of North Texas' annual hackathon. A hackathon is a 24-hour development competition for coders, designers, and anyone with a good idea! Don't worry if you aren't experienced either, HackUNT is a great place to learn! We will have mentors and professionals from the industry to help along the way.

What is the goal of the hackathon?

We're inviting hackers, engineers, and designers to join us for a 24-hour hackathon that allows you to embrace creativity and imagination that brings to a purpose. 

What kind of projects can we take on?

There will be a variety of challenge areas to work in including post-apocolyptic scenarios and streaming technology advancement.

Can I start on a project before the hackathon?

All projects must be started on at the hackathon, after hacking begins. Any hacks created or worked on before the event will be disqualified.


Any student currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at any university is eligible!

Teams are limited to 4 people.


How should we submit our projects?

  • To be considered for the challenges, all teams should complete a Devpost submission including the description and a video demo.

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,500 in prizes

1st Place: Google Stadia + $100 Google Play

The overall winners of HackUNT will each receive a brand new Google Stadia along with $100 in Google Play credit!

2nd Place: Govee TV Backlight and Smart Power Strip

Each member of the 2nd place team will receive a Govee TV Backlight and a Smart Power Strip.

3rd Place: Lap Laptop Desk and Rocketbook notebook

Each 3rd place team member will receive a Lap Laptop Desk for leisurely work as well as a Rocketbook notebook for digital note taking.

Retrofuturism: Heely's

The winner of the Retrofuturism track will win a brand new pair of Heely's for adults!

Futurepocalypse: Survival Combo

The team that takes home the Futurepocalypse challenge will also take home the Survival Combo, which includes a tent and a life straw!

StreamSum Data Challenge: 6m Internship and Swag Pack

A livestream can have an audience of thousands of people. Some of these are followers. In any single stream, a subset are active viewers and engaged. This also considers audience data pre-stream, during stream, post-stream, and off-stream. Pre-stream is before the stream starts but pertaining to the stream, for example calendaring and event notifications. During stream is about audience data when the stream is live. Post-stream is data about the audience after the live stream is completed but pertaining to the stream, for example replays, chat review and actions, response to promotions. Off-stream is data about the audience of activities performed outside the stream but as a result of the stream, for example visited an advertiser site. The problem in this hack is what data and metrics can be gathered about the audience in live streaming on Twitch. Alternative platforms are YT Live, FB Live, and Livestream.com.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Use of Technology
    Did the team integrate technology into their solution?
  • Functionality
    Was a working, functional prototype demonstrated? How well does the solution perform and meet the purpose described?
  • Scalability
    Does this solution have the potential to have an impact at scale, globally?
  • Creativity
    How creative was the team in developing a unique and innovative solution for the challenge?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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